Excerpts from 365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency

 Portion of Introduction

What is frequency? It is the intensity of our spiritual energy within our bodies. It can be low, high, or just sort of in between. Each of us has our own unique frequency, which exists in direct relation to the culmination of all our lifeís experiences (past and present), outside influences, internal joy, and overall happiness. Where we choose to focus our attention and thoughts is what determines what level our energy is residing on at any given time. 

The term frequency is relatively new in the metaphysical community. Previously this internal energy was called personal vibration, vibrational level, or vibrational rate, and many people still use these terms inter≠changeably. Itís only been in the last few years that weíve taken the word frequency from the scientific communityówhere it is generally used in physics to mean ďthe number of regularly occurring events of any given kind in a unit of time, usually one second or the number of cycles or completed alternations per unit of time in a wave or oscillationĒóand applied it to how we perceive changes in our personal vibrational rate. If you consider our internal energy in this way, as frequency, then the more regularly occurring positive events, the faster our energy will oscillate. 

The faster our energy moves, the higher its rate of frequency. So if weíre trying to bring more positive factors into our lives, then weíre increasing the number of regularly occurring positive events, thereby raising the energy within our body. 

If you harbor negative feelings like fear, doubt, jealousy, envy, impatience, insecurity, imbalance, hatred, or judgment, you will live on the low end of the energy spectrum. This is because youíre focusing on the negative in your life instead of the positive. Someone with an abundance of positive feelings like joy, happiness, elation, centeredness, love, peace, harmony, balance, kindness, compassion, and understanding will be at a higher vibrational level because they are focusing on the positives in their life. When you are able to look inside your own soul and see yourself for who and what you truly areóa spiritual being with lessons to learn in lifeóor when you look at the spiritual laws of the Universe and see the bigger picture, you are elevating your spiritual energy. Youíll feel it; youíll know deep inside that you are different or have transformed your emotions because you attuned yourself with the principles of the Universe. Personal spiritual growth creates, nurtures, and elevates your frequency. 


 A Few Ways to Raise Your Frequency

23. Triggers

Noticing the things around you that act as a trigger or catalyst to an increased state of joy, happiness, and higher energy levels is an important step in your development. Start to really look for the things around you that cause your energy to soar. Is it the smell of fresh brewed coffee? Does the sight and sound of a bird singing in a nearby tree, filling the air with song, cause you to feel joy? Does the feeling of a heartfelt hug from a family member give you a sense of love and belonging? Maybe your trigger is something as simple as sitting alone and enjoying the silence, connecting to your spiritual self, and communicating with your guides. Is it the smile on the face of an excited child? Or the happy antics of your dog when you get home from work? All of these examples are triggers because they catapult your energy to a higher plane filled with happiness, peace, and love. Once youíve determined what your triggers are, you can purposefully use them as an instigator for future exercises. Thatís what taking this path is about: finding the triggers in life that cause your energy to move into higher rates of vibration when you connect with universal energy, which in turn brings you contentment and bliss. 

*Become consciously aware of things that inspire love and joy.


65. Going with the Flow 

When youíre making your way through life, itís easier to go with the flow around you instead of fighting it. What I mean by ďgoing with the flowĒ is that you donít get upset over things you cannot change, no matter how disruptive they can be in your life. Have you ever noticed that when youíre having problems, you no longer feel as if youíre moving in the same direction as the energy around you? I know that I can feel blocked at every turn at times, and there is usually a reason or lesson in the situation. The awareness of noticing that Iím blocked enables me to see where Iím no longer moving in the same way as the positive energy around me. I certainly donít want to be moving in sync with a river of negative energy! To keep my life as easy and drama-free as possible, I look for the reasons behind these blocks and remove them to bring myself back into balance and go with the flow. Driving is a good metaphor for how this idea can manifest on the earthly plane. When youíre driving, you canít control what others do, but you can maintain an even keel instead of getting angry and frustrated at their actions. If you do get upset, you just need to pull over and release the anger and frustration before driving again. 

This doesnít mean you simply do whatever seems easiest in any given situation, but that you try to follow the most harmonious path to your goal. The right choice may be a difficult one on some levels, but you will be able to see how it really fits with the flow of Universal Energy. 

*In times of trouble, determine whether youíre going against the flow or with it.


171. Your Spiritual Truth 

Spiritual truth is who you are at your essential core part of your being on a soul level. Consider it to be the genuineness of your soul. Each of us has our own truth to live by, and what is right for one may not be right for another; therefore, itís important not to judge others as you make this journey. You do not know whatís right for them. You may not agree with their truthóand thatís your rightóbut you do not have to judge them as wrong either. Living your spiritual truth means allowing others to live their own spiritual truth as well. When you understand what your spiritual truth is, then many aspects of your life will become clearer to you. Are you a pessimist, an optimist, a caregiver, or an artisan? All of these help define who you in this plane of existence, but do they accurately describe who you are at your core spiritual essence? If a description is negative, then it does not define the spiritual you. 

If youíre not sure what your spiritual truth is, or how to find out what it is, you need to ask yourself some key questions. You can think about these questions all day long in the back of your mind; you donít have to do any special meditation or creative visualization to achieve results. Some of the questions you want to consider are as follows: Am I a nice person, or am I cranky and mad all the time? Do I give of myself, or am I stingy with my time? The world ends for someone every day; if my world ended tomorrow, would I die happy? Do people respect me for my integrity and honesty? What are my beliefs about the soul, the Universe, and God? Am I comfortable with those beliefs, or do I feel there is something deeper going on that I havenít discovered yet? Do I feel whole in mind, body, and spirit? Am I being true to my beliefs? Is there more I can learn to understand my reason for being and my spiritual truth? Today, just ruminate over these questions and see what comes of it. Remember to record your thoughts in your frequency journal. 

As you go through life, there will be times when you know that you have hit on a key Universal Truth. Someone will say something or youíll think something and suddenly youíll get goose bumps all over your body and feel icy cold. This is the sign from the Universe that you have hit upon a Universal Truth that is unique to you. The next time it happens to you, pay attention to what was said or done seconds before the wave of coldness came over you. These moments provide great insight into your spiritual truth. 

*You may have to dig deeper to find your truth but once you do, you will feel more secure within your spirituality.


166. Recognize and Appreciate the Gifts in Your Life 

When you consider the gifts in your life, what comes to mind? Is it a family member, a friend, a job, or a home? Did you think about love and happiness? It could be your psychic, mediumistic, or healing abilities. Gifts come in many shapes and sizes, tangible and intangible. You can recognize the gifts in your life by considering what brings you the most joy. Try not to take the gifts you've been given in this life for granted. They may not be always be with you, so appreciate them while theyíre in your life. People move away, life changes, and things happen that will alter your gifts. The gift you have today may become someone elseís gift tomorrow so that you are open to receive a new gift to appreciate. 

Gifts are the manifestation of positive energy that will allow you to move further along your spiritual path through sharing something with another person, learning, or becoming enlightened. Too often we donít recognize the gifts in our lives until theyíre gone. You may be so bogged down in other things that you take the gifts youíre given for granted. Begin today by appreciating and acknowledging the gifts in your life. If your number one gift is a person, let them know today how much they mean to you. 

*Take inventory of the gifts youíve been honored to receive.


239. Close Your Eyes and Look Beyond 

Thereís an old saying that sometimes you canít see the forest for the trees when youíre in a tough situation. Everyone else around you might see the forest, the truth of what is happening, but youíre just lost, looking at one tree and then another, unable to see the overall picture of what youíre going through. How can you raise your energy in times like these? 

First, see yourself involved in the situation; be cognizant of the way you interact with the other people involved. Look at the situation, let the scenes of what youíre going through unfold in your mind as if itís on a movie screen. Now imagine trees growing up from the ground, filling in the area until you canít see anything but the trees. The people you were with are lost somewhere within the trees. You can no longer see rooms, buildings, or roads that may have been part of the scene playing out in your mind. Thereís nothing in front of you but the trunks of trees, the bark rough against your hands, their leaves high above you in a canopy that keeps you in the shade or dark. You feel the coolness of the forest and the dirt beneath your feet. Close your eyes. Imagine that you are standing still and the trees are moving away from you at a great speed. The trees somehow rush away from you, leaving you in the open. When you feel that the trees are no longer surrounding you, open your eyes. The forest is now in the distance and the situation you are involved in is being played out, your part included, in a clearing just outside of the forest. Itís far away but you can hear and see everything that is going on as if youíre right there. Watch the situation from the outside looking in. Now you see the forest, the whole situation, and not just the trees, those individual events youíre involved in. Listen closely to what the people are saying and the actions theyíre taking as you watch the situation unfold before you. 

Look at how you act and respond to them. Now that youíve stepped back, do you see something different? Do you notice emotions you couldnít see before? Are you at fault in any way, or is someone acting without your best interest at heart? Do you see something in yourself that you donít like? Now is the time to face the truth of the situation and make changes in your life to improve it. 

*See the forest of your personal circumstances for greater understanding and clarity.


247. Connect with the Frequency of Air  

When you connect to the frequency of air, itís different from connecting to the wind. Yes, wind is air in motion, but for this exercise I want you to think of air instead of wind. To connect to the air, imagine it as being completely still around you. Itís unmoving, so still that you can almost touch it. Take a deep breath, feel the air as you inhale and exhale. Move your arms and feel the air around you. Does it have a positive or negative charge? Sometimes the air around us is positively charged and there may be a calm stillness to it. Thereís nothing happening, nothing going on, the windís not blowing, the air is just still. Now breathe in that positively charged air. How does it feel? Is it increasing your energy as it fills your lungs? It should. Now what if the air is negatively charged? How can you tell? If youíre sitting in a room and the air is negatively charged, youíre not going to feel so great. Youíre going to feel anxious or nervous or something will feel off. There is a way you can correct a negatively charged air feeling. When you breathe out, use creative visualization to positively charge the carbon dioxide that youíre breathing out. When that breath is released, imagine all of those positive particles converting all the negative particles in the room to positive as they touch them. 

Through creative visualization, youíve changed the way you feel about the charge in the air. Youíve changed it from a negative to a positive and have increased your frequency. You have to breathe to live, right? Start to become more aware of each breath that you take. Feel the air invigorate and energize you. Every time that youíre aware of your breathing, think about increasing your energy by converting any negativity around you to positivity. Every time you move through the air, even if the air is still, use creative visualization to imagine something positive. You may imagine that youíre swimming through the air. The air may feel thick and you have to force your way through itónot in a negative way, but as if youíre feeling the resistance of the air around you. All of these things increase your frequency because youíre making yourself utilize and influence something that you canít even see. 

*Feel the stillness; in it you will connect to your soul.


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